Thursday, April 12, 2012

New York Report

Chelsea Gallery Walk 

Hernan Bas !

Donald Moffett painting/sculptures

Donald Moffett painting/sculptures

Big Penises ! 

Love these paintings 

Cardboard structure 

Nigel Cooke 
These paintings blew me away 

Nigel Cooke painting detail 

Nigel Cooke 

This one is so wonderfully dark.

My dream gallery; Andrea Rosen 

Tip Toland Sculptures 

From the whitney biennial 2012

Pretty much the only thing I liked in the whole show
especially since I couldn't find Michael Robinson's video :(

Alexandar Calder Circus

The Metropolitan Museum of Art!!!

Booming full of people...

From OLD books 

Albrecht Durer!

All of these drawings are from the exhibition Albrecht Durer and Beyond at the Met

Giant curtain of bottle caps

Kiki Smith piece crawling up the wall


Bob Rauschenberg
One of my favorite pieces


My man, Pablo 


Me and Chuck Close 


Jenny Saville 

The first time I have ever seen it in real life!  I was so blown away!

Below are amazing marble sculptures from the grand hall at the Met


Buddha from the Asian wing


The Guggenheim!

Looking up at the Guggenheim

Wassily Kandinsky (I wasn't supposed to take pictures)

Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky
I love this one!

floors of this stuff and I'm not sure how I feel about it

The Graffiti wall of fame in Harlem


Dave Shirgley drawings

I love this installation

A wonderful conversation 

Close up view of a Mark Bradford work 

Inside an Andea Zittel living unit 

Me and Jackson Pollock 

Duchamp -my art grandpa 

Amazing woodcut

A Chelsea bum's cart decked out in crochet

Street Art in Brooklyn 

Lady Street Art in Brooklyn 

Lady Street Art in Brooklyn 

The Brooklyn Art Library; 
home of the sketchbook project

Letters to home project at the
Brooklyn Art Library

The shelves of sketchbooks 

Inside a sketchbook 

inside a sketchbook from the sketchbook project

another cool sketchbook 

Love this guy :)

Artsy bike in Williamsburg, Brooklyn;
love that place 


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